Mar 28, 2014

tales on the run

Last night, I had the brilliant idea of going for a run in the park. This week has been so sunny and full of wonderfulness and I knew that I could probably convince Dave to forego the gym in lieu of the aforementioned sun. That one, he is a California boy through and through. If some rays are involved he's in.

I should probably also mention that we have been privy to this new phenomena in Denver parks entitled "Yes, I'm a man but I can rock Lulu leggings, too". At first, it was intriguing. And yes, probably practical with the unpredictable weather that is spring in Colorado. But now, I just feel sorry for these men in leggings.

We started running right out the gate (front lobby door). I enjoy a brisk walk before a run. You know, get my legs a little warm, get the blood flowing a little faster, and then just ease into the jog. No, no. Needless to say, I kept up the (entirely way too fast) pace until we got to the bridge (1/4 mile...this might be generous).

Then, I just figured I could speed walk and catch up with him. I should have seen it coming. The sun started to sink and the temperature started to plummet and I was desperately wishing I had brought a jacket or massive ear muffs. But alas alack, I was dressed for summer.

Now here's my question, friends: Does running get any easier? I've never been a runner and I certainly will not be partaking in a marathon anytime soon but I would so love to at least be able to jog the park (or even to the park) without dying or heaving or heart-pounding-out-of-chest or gasping for air. I have no clue how people complete 5Ks. Do they stop and walk? Do they just job really slowly? That would be my only strategy for survival.

In case you were wondering, yes I made it home safely. I followed the neon orange that is Dave's shoes and finally made it back to his apartment...five minutes after him. One day, legs. One day, you will be able to keep up the pace. But until then, walking is really nice.

Mar 20, 2014

today i believe...

IKEA find of the week the beauty of $3 flowy dresses from the thrift shop. spontaneity and not working on fridays in lieu of a day on the slopes. 

...that distance really does make the heart grow fonder. Dave is gallivanting in Prague this week and I don't think he's ever crossed my mind with such frequency as he has this week. the power of good news and life directions and home teams that affirm you in that life direction. 

...that noosa is the only yogurt that I want to eat in my whole life ever. books, books, and more books. I'm currently in the middle of four books: a wrinkle in time, the historian, the book theif, the explicit gospel. what's a girl to do?

...that rollerblades are a necessary buy for springs and summers in the park. 

...that six months really is entirely way too long between friend sightings. I'm looking at you, Laura

...that IKEA is the most impossibly difficult store to navigate. amiright? never wearing tights again because hello it's spring!

Mar 17, 2014

coffee diaries: hooked on colfax

the sun came back out to play on sunday, much to my excitement. while waiting for our table at denver biscuit company, we wandered down the block to a nearby coffee shop. the streets of colfax and broadway still never cease to amaze and, occasionally, frighten me. the culture is thick, the food has flavor, and the tattoo parlors/dispensaries are abundant. colfax is the heart and soul of the music scene of denver and its pedestrian wanderers are about as colorful as the houses and neon signs littered along the sides.

we picked a table in the sun, perched on our high stools and watched passersby. andrea is one of my dearest friends in denver. we used to work together. i fell in love with her passion for style and all things rustic, leather and lovely. she's an incredibly talented seamstress and has the cutest little princess of a dog, barlow. i'm so grateful for our continued friendship and for the time we have spent together exploring, drinking coffee, trying out new restaurants, traveling, church going and thrift shopping.

sunny day, you can come back anytime. 

Mar 13, 2014

the spectacular now

that orange-beanied man is my very favorite slopes partner.

"for the first time... in a long time... i'm really happy with the now."

i've noticed that it's really easy to look forward when you're in your twenties. to future career paths, dreams come true, goals achieved, marriage, family building, the auspicious moment of perfection. and it's true, you have alot ahead of you. but, there's also alot of spectacular right now.

dating a grad school student means i tend to measure my time in quarters. ten weeks of hard work and long hours with the rewarding few weeks of freedom. our relationship has consisted of the "i can't wait for"s and the "it's just a season"s. library dates and phone calls between study breaks and late nights and earlier mornings.

and, for the first time, i think we're both truly happy with the "right now". dave is rocking the pants off investment banking. i just finished an application for grad school. we've both gotten to adventure and celebrate and try new things. it's not perfect and it's definitely not a spectacle, but it's pretty spectacular.

Feb 18, 2014

coffee diaries: a saturday in february

the sun was streaming in through the vertical blinds, casting long, narrow slits of light across the chocolate brown carpet. the hustle and bustle of cars, buses and motorcycles could be heard from the street below. the whir of the keurig echoed through the tiny apartment, music to the ears of two coffee lovers. the television is flicked on, queued to the newly released season of house of cards. and there, suspended between the relaxation and anticipation of saturday: two sat, still, content, sipping.

Feb 17, 2014

today i believe... sitting down to drink an entire mug of coffee. So often, I find myself grabbing caffeine to-go or gulping it down before leaving for work. Yet, there's something so warming and energizing from taking a few moments to sit and sip. sticking to my resolutions. Never have I ever truly stuck with a new years resolution. Sure, they're great guidelines or goals for the year, but rarely do I carry them past January. Well, I'm proud to report that this may be the year.

...that sunny days in February are so incredibly necessary during an endless winter.

...that God answers prayers. Big ones, small ones, seemingly insignificant ones and overwhelmingly crucial ones. being gutsy. I'm currently in the process of applying to grad school (something I always thought I would do) for my Master's in counseling (a program that never ever entered my mind). snail mail and thank you notes and cards just to say hi.

Jan 21, 2014

up on a mountainside

"I think these are teaching things that we all go through. I can't say, I don't know why, you are going through what you're going through except to say that I think you need to learn from them. There are certain traits that you have experienced that I believe you should take to heart and learn from. What I mean is these traits should be a warning sign to steer clear. Maybe sitting down and writing these traits down would be a way to better understand and realize these traits. Just a thought... You have always been a fantastic writer. Write down your thoughts and ideas. See what God is telling you and trying to teach you. See where this takes you..."

I don't like writing about hard things, about things that hurt. Because once those thoughts form into words and are scrawled down, they can't be taken back. And honestly, I have no idea what God is trying to tell me through this...

Last week, I had a great big "what am I doing with my life?" moment. A year ago, I moved to Denver to set out on a new adventure. Far from my family and my best friends, I did my best to step out of my comfort zone, meet new people, listen to new stories, and create a new community. I found a new church, started a new job, and even invested in a new relationship. As 2014 approached, I took some time and thought about all the new changes and was genuinely pleased with the way God was taking my life.

In the last week, I've really started to question some of those things. I feel like Jesus has put it on my heart to go back to grad school and get a Master's in Addictions Counseling. But do I really want to go back to school right now? Can I afford it? Am I willing to sacrifice time for it? I was feeling very confident in my relationship, but that confidence has been shaken. What now?

In my pouring through past journals and notes in my Bible, I ran across this:

"After leaving them, he went up on a mountainside to pray." -Mark 6:46

Honestly, the thought of being alone with God, surrounded by His creation, both amazes and terrifies me. And yet, my human heart is craving His voice. To be still, and know that He is present. Until then, my prayer is for an open heart to His gracious words and an open mind to His wisdom.